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Sunday, March 11, 2012 | 4:46 PM | 0 Rain[s]

Heyya people. Holaaa~ :) Long time no see huh? Hehe. Sorry. Fatin buzy sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt kebelakangan ni. Ampun deh. Fhm fhm jela. Form 4 life ain’t easy yo! :p Okay. Dh dekat 1 bulan lebih an Fatin tak update? Hoho. Okay. Sorry my dear. Terlampau busy. Homework belambak-lambak T.T Sgt manyakkkk ooo~ Haha. And and 2 February hari tuh, I’ve transfered to NEW school. Yeayyy! :D I’ve transfered to SSI. Yeah. Dpt tawaran situ then just pegi jela. Bermula lah hidupku sbgi seorg pljr baru di sekolah baru. *ayat over* haha, okay. Then guess what? My new school was AWESOMEE dude! Yeah. I love it. Alhamdulilah. So far so good. Everythings goes well ;) Tons of Homeworks? Yeah, itu perkara biase -.- Okay. Lets continue :) On my first day, dh dpt kwn baru. And diorg sgttttt BAIKKK! Peramah ooo. Haha. Semua org kt sana baik2 and cool giler! :D Guys, you are ROCKK! And now, dh dkt 1 month Fatin skola sana. Yeay, I really enjoy myself there. A lot of things i’ve learnt there. It was a great great experience. I won't regret my choice! ;)

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